AridDek is an aluminum decking board with an innovative waterproof tongue and groove design that creates a beautiful, low-maintenance, zero fire rated deck surface. AridDek watertight decking boards provide the added bonus of an integrated gutter system for a dry, usable area under the deck. The safe, non-skid textured surface naturally stays cooler to the touch than traditional decking and enhances the design of any architectural style. AridDek was designed and engineered for high traffic use in the most demanding applications.

Available in:
Colors of Ariddek
                                Granite                                                     Sandstone                                                 Artisan Clay
how ariddek aluminum decking works

AridDek’s innovative design makes installation easy for contractors and DIY enthusiasts. AridDek's integrated hidden gutter system, channels water away from your structure. AridDek is a beautiful, low-maintenance deck that provides the added bonus of a usable, dry below outdoor living space.

ariddek components and profiles

Innovative design that features a start board, main board, and finish board with color matched profile trim and flashing. Includes images and description of components of the AridDek waterproof decking system.

ariddek frequently asked questions

Review a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on product information and installation for AridDek, Deck drainage system

ariddek photo gallery

Check out the photo gallery for design ideas and inspiration to build your low maintenance deck surface with a waterproof outdoor living retreat below. You will find a wide variety of new construction and deck addition projects that are sure to streamline your planning process.

ariddek resource library

Review and download printer friendly PDF documents such as installation guides, technical specs, and warranty information for AridDek’s aluminum decking. Here you will find important information regarding decking code and compliance, architectural CAD drawings, and more detailed technical data.

ariddel marine applications

For marine applications AridDek is the perfect compliment for your dock or pontoon boat project. Its a long lasting, low maintenance decking that can withstand some of nature’s harshest conditions while providing safety and durability every step of the way.

ariddek used for commercial rooftop applications

AridDek was designed and engineered for high traffic use in the most demanding applications; which makes it ideal for any commercial rooftop application!

ariddek used for multifamily applications

AridDek’s aluminum deck board with a tongue-in-groove design creates a low maintenance deck surface while proving an integrated gutter system for a dry, usable space below that is ideal for multifamily applications.