AridDek is a watertight aluminum decking surface
AridDek has a unique interlocking tongue and grove design which integrates a hidden fastener system.
AridDek installation uses one Start Board, 
					a majority of Main Boards, and one Finish Board.
Each AridDek decking board is extruded with an integrated screw flange that does not interfere with the watertight design.
AridDek aluminum decking boards are cut to special angles in the field using a high tooth count carbide blade
With waterproof decking you can enjoy your dry space below
AridDek boards are finished along the house with flashing and silicon.
AridDek's trim is installed over the outer edge to provide a finished look
waterproof aluminum decking easy to install aluminum planks a waterproof ceiling because of ariddek screw planks to frame ariddek makes for a finished aluminum deck a dry below deck system channel plugs are added protection to block water aluminum decking protects the area below the deck