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DryJoistEZ™ Aluminum Waterproof Decking Components & Profiles

Only Two Components for Complete Structural Deck Waterproofing

DryJoistEZ™ aluminum waterproof decking is perfect for new construction or remodeling existing structures

DryJoistEZ™ waterproof decking system – aluminum waterproof decking – provides a lifetime of strength and durability. DryJoistEZ is capable of spanning 6′ without the need of support beams and provides structural support for deck boards every 6″ on center. Installation requires standard deck tools and the lightweight aluminum boards are much easier to handle than traditional materials such as pressure-treated lumber.

DryJoistEZ Waterproof aluminum decking Overview Image

DryJoistEZ™ 6 Main Joist


The most common profile, DryJoistEZ™ waterproof decking 6″ Joist, interlocks with neighboring 6″ Joists and Multi Joists to create a perfectly watertight deck structure. Typically, 96% of the structure is created with this component.

DryJoistEZ™ 4 Multi Joist


The DryJoistEZ waterproof decking 4″ wide joist serves double duty as the start board and end board for your DryJoistEZ installation. The 4″ Multi Joist comes ‘out of the box’ as a finished joist. Rip it down the cut lines and you will have the start joist. You can also use this joist anywhere within the layout of the 6″ Main Joists to accommodate for odd deck widths. The extrusions are designed with unique ‘flash receivers’. The flash receivers can accept both standard and pre-bent flashing for a finished look at the edge of the deck.

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