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DryJoistEZ™ Waterproof Aluminum Decking for Multifamily Applications

An All-In-One Multifamily Decking & Deck Balcony Solution

DryJoistEZ™ waterproof aluminum decking costs less, reduces labor, & has a leak-proof guarantee

DryJoistEZ™ structural deck drainage system is the perfect approach to structural decking for multifamily applications. DryJoistEZ is a waterproof deck solution, deck board support and a finished deck ceiling all-in-one application.

Apartment tenants can enjoy their balconies rain or shine since DryJoistEZ is backed by a leak-proof guarantee. And since DryJoistEZ only needs to be supported every 6’ – 8’ away from the structure; joists 12” and 16” on center are not necessary. This helps you reduce decking cost and labor in the building of the substructure.

Gone are the days of built up rubber membrane systems or lightweight poured-concrete balconies. In one simple step, a developer can add structure, waterproofing, and durability to a balcony more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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DryJoistEZ aluminum decking with optional surface
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