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Structural Deck Framing, Deck Waterproofing & Drainage System

DryJoistEZ Deck Drainage System

Absolutely Waterproof

Structural Deck Framing & Drainage System

The DryJoist deck drainage system is the residential alternative to traditional wooden joists that provides the structure of a deck, a waterproof deck framing system (with a waterproof channel), and a finished beadboard ceiling in one application. Perfect for decks smaller than 24 feet and where a run more than 6 feet is not required.

Meet DryJoistEZ™

The DryJoistEZ deck drainage system is easy to handle and cut and can be installed in any weather conditions, wet or dry. It is perfect for balconies and decks for both residential decking and commercial decking applications.

Winner of Architect magazine’s 2009 R+D Award, DryJoistEZ™ is a structural deck drainage system that provides the structure of the deck, a waterproof deck solution and a finished ceiling—with a traditional beadboard appearance underneath—all in one step!

DryJoistEZ is engineered to replace about 2/3 of the typical framing needed by your deck plans and they extend the life of the framing by being installed on top of the structure. It is made from Marine Grade Aluminum (6005‐T5), creating a structurally sound deck that will never rot, warp, crack, rust, catch fire, or be eaten by termites.

In addition to creating a 100% dry under deck space, DryJoistEZ has a bead board pattern on the bottom surface to provide a finished ceiling from below. This enhances the aesthetic appeal of your waterproof deck design. You also don’t need to prime, paint, or stain the 2″ tall structural aluminum joists as they are covered with a durable powder coated finish.

DryJoistEZ is available in lengths up to 24 feet.

DryJoist Waterproof Decking – Aluminum Decking Option

Learn More About DryJoistEZ™

*Note: The video below is for our former structural drainage aluminum decking, DryJoist™. The conceptual functionality for DryJoistEZ™ is the same except that DryJoistEZ comes in 6 feet spans instead of 8 feet and the finished ceiling appearance and channel structure is slightly different. Again, however, the basic utility and function is the same.

How DryJoistEZ™ Works

How does DryJoistEZ™ work?


DryJoistEZ™ is a Deck Design with a Waterproof Solution…

This unique structural decking system creates a dry space below your deck. No longer is creating a waterproof channel for your deck an afterthought to design. DryJoist’s integrative engineering is a single system—eliminating ‘add-on’ under deck gutter systems or drainage substructures.

Components / Profiles

Engineered for Strength and Versatility

DryJoistEZ™ uses only two components and is engineered for versatility, speedy installation, and ease of workability. This innovative and award-winning aluminum decking product allows you to build a deck structure that has the strength to support and secure any type of decking material in any design or pattern, all while forming a waterproof barrier for the space below the deck itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions?

Get all your DryJoistEZ™ questions answered. From DryJoistEZ product information to how to install DryJoistEZ, discover this amazing structural deck waterproofing, framing, and drainage system.


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Resource Library

Whether You’re a Pro or Plan to DIY—Find All the Information You Need to Build Your Dream Deck with Wahoo Products

View and download printer friendly PDF documents such as DryJoistEZ ™ installation guides, technical deck specs, and warranty information including the only Leak Proof Guarantee in the market.

Multifamily Applications

DryJoistEZ’s Ease & Flexibility Make It Perfect for Multifamily Projects…

The one-step deck joist system creates the structure of a balcony or patio, a finished ceiling below, is 100% waterproof and allows for any type of material to be used on top.

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