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How AridDek™ Works

Watertight Aluminum Decking Surface

AridDek watertight aluminum decking boards

AridDek™ provides a watertight aluminum decking surface with a unique interlocking tongue and grove design which integrates a hidden fastener system. AridDek is 1″ tall which makes it a great direct replacement for existing decking and new decks as well.

AridDek installs much like other common decking surfaces. There is a Starting Board (5.5″ wide), Main Boards (6″ wide), and a Finish Board (5.5″ wide). We recommend that AridDek be installed perpendicular to the structure, this will allow water to be drained to the furthest point from the structure. AridDek should also be installed on a 1/8″ drop per foot toward the drainage end.

AridDek is specifically designed to incorporate numerous benefits that are not found in traditional decking…

  • Very low maintenance; the 6005 T-5 series marine-grade aluminum and powder coat finish need no staining, sealing, painting, etc., like most decking materials. AridDek requires no specific upkeep outside of periodic cleaning with soap and water.
  • Non-combustible; AridDek simply will not ignite or burn.
  • Durable; AridDek is impervious to insects and will not split, splinter, decay, sag, crack or rot.
  • Cool to the touch; Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity rapidly dissipates heat which keeps AridDek surface cooler than other common decking materials.
  • Family-Friendly; No harmful chemicals and is stain resistant.

and mostly…

  • Waterproof; AridDek’s unique design creates a 100% waterproof space beneath your deck, suitable for interior conditioned space or outdoor patio.

Marine Grade Aluminum Boards w/ Tongue & Groove Design

AridDek marine grade aluminum deck boards

AridDek™ is precision extruded 6005 T-5 marine grade aluminum decking available in lengths up 36′. The decking fits together in a tight, tongue and grove configuration, forcing most of the water to run off the surface. Any water that gets through the tongue and grove is funneled into the integrated gutter channel, creating a 100% watertight decking surface.

AridDek was developed by engineers at our sister company “Wahoo Docks“. It was engineered to withstand some of the harshest conditions that commercial decking and residential decking applications can be exposed to. From freezing conditions and snow loads, to extreme heat and heavy downpours, AridDek was designed to out perform other common building materials and methods. Wahoo Decks has invested many resources into, non bias, third party testing and engineering reports. We are also continuously working to maintain our acceptance of the International Building Code and to its many interpretations by local municipalities.

One Start Board; Main Boards; One Finish Board

AridDek - One Start Board Main Boards Finish Board

A typical AridDek™ installation uses one Start Board, a majority of Main Boards, and one Finish Board.

Installation is as simple as fastening the Start Board down, then the Main Boards, until you reach the Finish Board.

One of the great values of AridDek is its ability to solve many deck issues in a one-step process. Within the thickness of a standard decking board (1″) it accomplishes a slip-resistant walking surface, 100% dry space below, zero fire rating, water reclamation (with the use of a collection barrel). AridDek is also made from 50% Post Consumer and other industrial manufacturing recycled aluminum.

AridDek continues the “Green Products” initiative as a product that is 100% recyclable. While most building materials will eventually end up in a landfill one day, AridDek can be separated and recycled again.

Extruded With Integrated, Hidden, Screw Flange

AridDek integrated screw flange

Each AridDek™ decking board is extruded with an integrated screw flange that does not interfere with AridDek’s watertight design. With the exception of the Start and Finish Boards, the screw flange becomes hidden as each adjacent board is installed. The Start and Finish Boards fasteners are covered by color matched “Profile Trim”.

The fasteners are made from 410 Stainless Steel and have a self-drilling tip for ease of installation with no pre-drilling required. To make installation easy on yourself and your tools, we suggest a corded 3/8 drive drill with an adjustable torque setting.

Complex Deck Shapes - Easily Achieved

AridDek - complex deck shapes easy

With AridDek™, complex deck shapes can easily be achieved. AridDek aluminum decking boards are cut to special angles in the field using a high tooth count carbide blade. Layout and cutting of AridDek is just as you would do for any other traditional decking board. Wahoo Decks also provides a color matched 2″ x 2″ rigid flashing for use where the AridDek touches the structure.

Dry Space Below for Lighting and More

AridDek dry space below deck

After AridDek™ waterproof decking has been installed, you are ready to start enjoying your dry space below your deck, as well as the options that accompany your new watertight deck.

With AridDek, lighting, furniture, and other accessories can be installed in your new usable space below the deck. Having a watertight decking system that installs on top of your framing gives you more head room and protects your framing materials from the elements. This expands the lifespan of your entire deck structure.

AridDek™ Deck Finishing

AridDek deck finishing channel plug

The AridDek™ deck boards are finished along the house with flashing and silicon. In addition, unique to the AridDek system is a weather-proof, elastomer channel plug that is inserted in the gutter of each plank to prevent the water from traveling back toward the dwelling.

A 1/8″ drop per foot away from the dwelling is recommended to ensure the water has an obvious deck drain path.

Additional Finishing Details Offer Additional Protection


After your AridDek™ decking is installed, AridDek deck trim is installed over the outer edge to provide a finished look and to prevent water from being wind-blown back toward the dwelling.

When complete, AridDek provides a beautiful, low maintenance, 100% waterproof deck to be enjoyed for many, many years. No other decking product can match its effectiveness and longevity.

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