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How Fortis™ Works

Pre-Grooved Aluminum Deck Planks


Fortis™ aluminum decking has pre-grooved deck planks that make it easy-to-install. Fortis’ planks are 8”, covering more space than most decking planks. And because Fortis planks can span 24” as opposed to 16”, the savings on deck substructures makes Fortis more affordable.

Simply begin by placing the Fortis aluminum deck board on the joist.

Attach the Bracket


After placing your Fortis™ aluminum deck plank on the joist, attach the bracket over the joist and into Fortis’ grooves.

Boards Interlock for Level Surface


Once you have matched the Fortis™ aluminum deck planks into their tongue-and-groove alignment and fold the joining board down, you should now have a flat seam where the two planks meet.

Secure with Fastener


Once you have a pair of Fortis™ aluminum deck planks connected, you will secure them with the special Fortis deck plank fasteners provided.

Trim Out the Visible Edge


To make sure your finished Fortis™ aluminum deck plank installation looks polished and complete, cover the edges of your joined Fortis deck boards with the specialized Fortis trim which will conceal the end view of the aluminum deck board that can be seen.

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