Available in 4', 5', and 6' kits, Wahoo Rail relies on the same true time tested low-maintenance solution as our AridDek aluminum decking; Marine-Grade Aluminum.

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The Handrail or top rail provides an easy-to-grip, smooth surface and the high thermal conductivity of aluminum make the Handrails perfectly cool-to-the touch, even on the hottest summer days. Moreover, the design of the pre-assembled sections will not permit the Handrails to rattle, become shaky, or loosen overtime.

Key Dimensions

2.50” x 1.31” x 1/16”

Square Balusters aka Picket Rails

1” Square Balusters are pre-assembled in-between the Handrail and Bottom Rail to provide infill for the deck’s guardrails. 3 ½” spacing between pickets, 4 ½” on-center. Pre-assembled horizontal rail sections are available in 2’ / 4’ / 6’ / or in custom lengths.

Key Dimensions

1” x 1” x 0.06”

Bottom Rail

The Bottom Rail is attached to the Rail Post approximately 2 ½” above the deck’s surface. This allows snow and leaf debris to be easily swept off the deck’s surface and complies with the International Residential Code stating that no interior sections of the rail possess any openings large enough to pass a 4” diameter sphere through.

Key Dimensions

1.81” x 1.00” x 1/16”

Rail Post

Meeting national safety standards and International Residential Code for deck guardrail requirements, 3”x3” Rail Posts are available 36” in height for rail applications in single family homes and 42” in height for multifamily housing units or buildings such as condos or apartments.

Key Dimensions

3” x 3” 1/8”

Pedestal Mount

The Pedestal Mount provides a strong connection for Rail Post attachment on the deck’s surface; unlike traditional rail post attachment methods which require installation inside or outside of the deck’s frame in order to provide adequate stability.

When installing Wahoo’s Rail System with DryJoist, a Pedestal Mount can be secured anywhere on of the deck’s surface in 4” increments.

Simply place a Pedestal Mount anywhere on the deck’s surface so that it’s positioned to span a Triangle Joint or a Fastener Plane. #14 SS fasteners can be drilled through the deck’s surface boards and directly into the pre-positioned Anchor Clips. This permits the Pedestal Mount to span and attach at either side of a structural support, allows rail post attachment overtop deck planks, and securely integrates the rail system into the deck’s structural design.

This method ideally transfers railing stresses into shear loads in the deck structure for exceptional load capacity without the hassle of trimming around rail posts, blocking the frame, additional costs for hardware or brackets, weak attachments to the deck’s rim or strength degradation due to notched rail posts.

Key Dimensions

Square Base


Hole Spacing


Hinged Rail Support Bracket

Our proprietary Hinged Rail Support Brackets facilitate quick and easy positioning when securing angled guardrails – which is often the most difficult step during stair rail installation on a second story or raised deck. The Hinged Rail Support Bracket is color matched and the subtle design provides a low profile connection which makes installation of Angled Rail Sections a breeze with its pivoting face.

Fixed Rail Mount

The proprietary design creates a solid and long lasting connection between the rail sections, we have angled sections for stairs and posts. The subtle design {skinny / slim} is color matched and provides a low profile attachment method.

Post Cap

The Post Cap’s traditional style provides a finished appearance to your deck’s railing system. Tight press fit onto our 3x3 rail posts

Rail Section

One inch square pickets are spaced 4-1/2” apart with standard rail heights of 36” and 42” tall. Each picket is securely fastened with stainless steel screws that are hidden inside the handrail and lower rail.