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Residential Decking Materials

Low-Maintenance Decking, Deck Railing, and Deck Drainage Systems For Residential Applications

Commercial Materials

Aluminum Decking, Deck Railing, And Prefabricated Balcony Systems For Commercial And Multifamily Spaces

Low-Maintenance Aluminum Decking Materials And Deck Drainage Systems

Wahoo Decks designs and manufactures the highest quality aluminum decking, aluminum railing, and aluminum deck drainage systems available. We make low-maintenance, extremely durable aluminum decking materials that are engineered to last so that you can spend time enjoying your outdoor spaces– with no painting, staining, sealing, or pressure washing to worry about. Add the finishing touches with Wahoo Aluminum Deck Rail, or add Wahoo Glass deck rail balusters for a polished look and a panoramic view of your outdoor space.

Commercial And Multifamily Decks And Prefabricated Balcony Systems

Wahoo Decks offers decking and balcony solutions for multifamily and commercial applications including aluminum deck surface options, balcony and deck railing, and a complete, all-in-one prefabricated balcony. Our support team works closely with building and design professionals to develop projects that meet the specifications of every building plan. This collaborative approach ensures that we deliver the ideal prefabricated balcony, decking, or roof-top system for our valued partners in the architectural and commercial development industries.

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We get calls and emails from potential customers every week, and invariably, one of them always asks- why should I use aluminum for my outdoor living space?? Most people think of traditional wood products, like pressure treated pine or exotic hardwoods, when it comes to building a deck or replacing their current decking surface. However, many of our customers have discovered the advantages of Wahoo Decks’ waterproof aluminum decks and structural deck drainage systems.

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