7 Reasons Why Aluminum Deck Rail Is The Best Deck Railing Choice

7 Reasons Why Aluminum Deck Rail Is The Best Deck Railing Choice

How important is it to make the best deck railing choice when planning your aluminum deck project?

Most people, when preparing to build their dream deck, do a lot of research. They consider a plethora of deck ideas – including decking materials and deck systems – and even spend time looking at various deck designs. Then, they make their decision and get started on their deck plans.

Often, however, that is just phase one. The next step is considering deck railing.

Of course, it’s not rare to have a deck without railing. However, that’s only possible if your deck is ground-level. If you plan to have an elevated deck, deck rail will be a “must” for your project.

When contemplating the best deck railing choice, each deck rail option has its pros and cons.

At Wahoo Decks, we manufacturer aluminum deck railing. If you’ve never researched or thought about using aluminum deck rail before, it may seem like a somewhat unusual idea. Yet, when you learn about the benefits, you might see it’s the top deck railing choice.

Here are 7 reasons Wahoo Rail aluminum deck railing is the obvious deck railing choice:

1. Aluminum deck rail is long-lasting and strong

We use the finest available aluminum for our deck railing systems. What this means to you is that it’s very sturdy and durable. It doesn’t rust like traditional metal deck railing either.

2. Wahoo Rail aluminum deck railing is intelligently engineered

Our deck railing is specifically designed by experienced engineers to ensure it starts out with stellar performance and beauty and maintains that reliability and appeal over time.

Furthermore, while it’s the perfect complement to our Wahoo aluminum decking, it’s also architected and produced so that it can be an add-on to any decking surface desired.

3. Aluminum deck railing is a low-maintenance railing

Traditional deck rail materials – like wood, composites, or steel – need frequent upkeep to remain looking good and standing strong. This is not the case with aluminum deck rail. We powder-coat our railing so that it won’t crack, chip, warp, peel, or need re-painting. All you need do is hose it down to clean it off.

4. Aluminum deck rail options are aesthetically-pleasing

The clean lines of our aluminum deck railing make it a very attractive option and the perfect complement to nearly any deck design. Wahoo Rail comes in three different neutral shades – White, Antique Bronze, and Mocha – to match a variety of different color schemes.

Additionally, Wahoo Glass Rail takes the very best of our aluminum railing and pairs it with tempered glass panels – either Clear or “Twilight” (tinted) – for a deck railing design look that is out of this world. Using Wahoo Glass deck railing means nothing obstructs your view or gets in the way of your ability to enjoy the full beauty of your outdoor deck scenery.

5. Our aluminum deck railing offers a great degree of customization for functionality too

Another highlight of our aluminum deck railing – that can also be traced back to its design and engineering – is its ease-of-use in achieving a myriad of deck designs. Wahoo Rail can be utilized and configured in nearly any linear-based shape you can conceive of, allowing for the creation of truly customized deck.

6. It’s eco-friendly…

Our deck railing systems at Wahoo consists of 50% recycled aluminum. This means it’s environmentally-friendly—much more so than most other decking choices. Combine that with the fact that Wahoo Rail requires no harsh chemicals for cleaning or upkeep, and you can rest easy knowing your deck railing is a socially responsible, “green” choice too!

7. Aluminum railing is an economically-smart choice

Aluminum deck railing is affordable and even more so when you consider savings over time. Off-the-bat aluminum rail is often on-par with the pricing of other deck rail options. Yet, because of its limited maintenance and extreme strength and durability, you don’t need to re-finish, re-do, or replace it like other deck rail choices.

It’s no doubt you have several options for your deck railing decision—many of them in fact. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find another deck rail choice that delivers ALL the same benefits and features of Wahoo Rail – or Wahoo Glass Rail – in a single deck rail system. Not to mention, the Wahoo name and reputation stand behind every railing. With Wahoo aluminum railing, you not only get a deck you are proud of for many years to come but that you will also enjoy season after season, without tons of effort and upkeep.

Wahoo Decks Releases New Online Shop Featuring Deck Railing Kits

Wahoo Decks Releases New Online Shop Featuring Deck Railing Kits

New online store featuring deck railing is now open directly through the website, wahoodecks.com

Online Deck Railing Store Press Release | Gainesville, Georgia November 10, 2016

Wahoo Decks, a leading manufacturer of aluminum deck surfaces and waterproof decking frames, recently implemented an online shop that features its Wahoo Rail (aluminum deck rails), and Wahoo Glass (glass deck rails and balusters).

The online store allows customers to purchase deck railing directly from the website, WahooDecks.com.

Wahoo Decks aluminum and glass deck railing kits are compatible with any existing decking surface and are easy to install. Additionally, Wahoo Aluminum Rail Kits and Wahoo Glass Rail Kits provide added benefit for existing decking surfaces.  The kits do not interfere with waterproofing channels.

Wahoo Aluminum Railing works well in both commercial and residential applications. The railing system is built to prevent rattling, shaking or loosening.  Additionally, the kits come pre-drilled for easy installation. Wahoo Rail customers can complete the look of outdoor living spaces with railing options that are durable, long-lasting, and require almost no upkeep.

Wahoo Glass Rail is a unique glass railing that allows users to add a special touch to existing outdoor decks. The tempered glass balusters are built to last and low maintenance. Wahoo Glass Rail allows homeowners to enjoy panoramic views of their outdoor spaces.

Wahoo Decks’ new online decking and deck railing shop aims to provide a quicker, more seamless experience by significantly reducing the steps required to build and enjoy a backyard patio or decking space.

The online store makes it easier than ever to customize deck and patio areas. Customers can now order Wahoo Rail Kits without requesting a quote via phone or email.

About Wahoo Decks

Wahoo is a leading manufacturer of award-winning outdoor products headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia. Wahoo products are engineered to be uniquely low-maintenance and more resistant to natural elements than traditional decking products. For more information, visit the website WahooDecks.com, or on social media @WahooDecks.

Village Green Apartment Community Puts Safety on Deck with AridDek and Wahoo Rail from Wahoo Decks

Village Green Apartment Community Puts Safety on Deck with AridDek and Wahoo Rail from Wahoo Decks

Village Green Apartments use AridDek and Wahoo Rail

Wahoo Rail and AridDek installed at Village Green Apartments

How did this apartment complex end up choosing Wahoo Rail from Wahoo Decks?

Wahoo Rail to the rescue… Ensuring the safety of residents has always been a top concern for Village Green Apartments, an award-winning residential community in St. Louis, Missouri.

When the wood balconies and railings on its 252 units began to show signs of aging and rotting, they wasted no time. They quickly turned to a local building expert for his recommendation on a safe and cost effective replacement option. This led them to Wahoo Rail.

Challenge Met by Wahoo Rail:

The management at Village Green asked Randy Phillips, a veteran in the construction industry and CEO of Phillips Service Company, to evaluate several types of products that could potentially be used to replace the wood balconies and railings. They relied on his expert opinion in understanding the differences between wood, composite and aluminum products, hoping to find the right solution that would minimize long-term cost, require little maintenance and continue to look great over time.

The Wahoo Rail Solution:

Phillips, who was selected by Village Green for his attention to detail and willingness to consider innovative products, invested weeks of hard work in meetings and product briefings. He wanted to uncover an option that would meet the cost and safety requirements of Village Green and also enhance the appearance of the community today and in the years to come.

As a volunteer firefighter, Phillips was well aware of the building codes and safety implications that could occur from choosing the wrong product. When they approached Phillips, the team at Village Green was leaning toward installing composite decking. It had an appealing appearance and didn’t require much maintenance, but it was missing one element that Phillips knew very well.

According to the fire department, composite failed to meet the fire codes around combustion. Although a composite material will not ignite, it can smolder and create a significant amount of smoke. In the 6,000 deaths that occur in residential fires each year, most victims of fires die from smoke or toxic gases and not from burns. Considering resident safety along with strength, low maintenance requirements and long-term sustainability, Phillips ultimately recommended a combination of AridDek and Wahoo Rail from Wahoo Decks.

AridDek was created on the notion that aesthetics don’t have to be sacrificed when it comes to durability and safety. Stronger than wood, AridDek won’t rot, warp or decay and unlike composite decking products, has a zero fire rating, is non-combustible and won’t smolder. Being able to combine this with Wahoo Rail, pre-fabricated aluminum rail sections that are quick and easy to install, would give Village Green Apartments an incredibly stable, solid and long lasting balcony and railing product.

As an added bonus, on rainy days, AridDek’s integrated gutter systems creates a dry, usable area under the deck while, on warmer days, its textured powder coating provides a safe, non-skid surface that naturally stays cooler to the touch than traditional decking planks.


Today, AridDek and Wahoo Rail have been installed in 252 units of the Village Green Apartment community.

“My goal was to recommend durable, safe building materials that would save the property owner money on future maintenance. AridDek was the natural front runner,” said Randy Phillips. “I was well aware of the benefits of AridDek but felt especially confident when the county building inspector was also impressed by its strength.”

AridDek and Wahoo Rail at a Glance:

  • Manufactured using 45% recycled content from industrial and post-consumer aluminum scrap and assists builders in achieving points toward LEED credits
  • Available in two color options, Ash Gray and Sandstone
  • Needs no staining, sealing or painting like most decking materials
  • Extruded from a pure aluminum alloy that won’t rust
  • Non-combustible and durable. Will not split, splinter, decay, crack or rot
  • Cool to the touch since aluminum’s high thermal conductivity rapidly dissipates heat, creating a cooler surface than most traditional types of decking
  • Creates a 100% waterproof space beneath deck suitable for interior conditioned space or outdoor patio
Wahoo Rail – Aluminum Railing & Deck Rail System

Wahoo Rail – Aluminum Railing & Deck Rail System

Wahoo Rail aluminum deck railing and deck rail system by Wahoo Decks

Wahoo Rail by Wahoo Decks

Complementing a deck’s overall appearance or any outdoor landscape, Wahoo Rail is a deck rail system that is maintenance free and will not rot, splinter or loose reliability over time.

The pre-fabricated aluminum rail sections of this deck rail system are quick and easy to install; well suited for both commercial and residential rail applications for an incredibly stable, solid, and long lasting connection that will not loosen overtime.

Wahoo Rail is a commercial grade deck rail system that not only offers enduring beauty but is low maintenance and long lasting – it will never rot, splinter or lose its structural integrity. Wahoo Rail comes in all-inclusive, pre-drilled rail kits. 4′, 5′, 6′ kits are available and 36″ and 42″ heights. Stair kits are available as well.

Archadeck Deck and Wahoo Rail Project

Archadeck Deck and Wahoo Rail Project

Wahoo Decks installation of Wahoo Rail and AridDek in Augusta, Georgia.

Wahoo Rail and AridDek installed at home in Augusta, GA.

Check out this beautiful AridDek and Wahoo Rail project that Archadeck of Augusta did a “Great Job” on! “

To reduce the up-keep, Archadeck decided to go with an aluminum decking and Wahoo Rail – aluminum deck railing. Turned out to not be any more expensive than the newer composites. With all the trees we have, keeping the debris cleaned from the openings between deck boards is a real pain. There are no openings with this material, so much less up-keep. It creates a water proof cover of the area below. We also have a problem with squirrels gnawing on the composite I used to build the front porch and walk, shouldn’t have that issue with this at all!

Southern Industries/Archadeck of Augusta is the contractor and the product is AridDek from Wahoo Decks. We are also using aluminum railing from Wahoo Rail.

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