5 Most Critical Questions to Ask Your Potential Deck Builder

5 Most Critical Questions to Ask Your Potential Deck Builder

If you are looking for a potential deck builder, you have to know the right questions to ask. A deck can be an attractive and functional addition to your home. Done right, a new deck could be a sound investment that increases the value of your house. But hire the wrong deck builder, and you might face a long series of headaches.

Here are the five most critical questions to ask your potential deck builder:

How Much Deck Building Experience Do You Have?

You do not want to hire someone who has never built a deck before. You need someone who knows what they’re doing. It doesn’t matter how many fences or sheds they have knocked together. It’s not the same thing. Hire an inexperienced person, and your deck will end up crooked due to uneven settling. Your boards will lift and warp because he used the wrong screws. Choose a deck builder who has significant experience with this specific type of woodwork.

Can You Give Me a Detailed Estimate?

Estimates are not always meant to represent the final price for a product. Unexpected costs come up with all kinds of construction projects. But it’s important to ask your potential deck builder for a detailed estimate. It should at least lay out a specific cost breakdown for lumber, fasteners, concrete mix, and labor. That way, you will have a better understanding of where your money is going.

What Will Your Final Bill Be?

We always recommend getting at least a few estimates from trustworthy local deck builders. If one of your estimates is way lower than the others, it can be tempting to seize that seemingly great deal. But in fact, you should run very fast in the opposite direction! A bargain basement deck quote is a sign of a lazy builder who is willing to cut corners and use cheap materials. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

Will You Get Permits, or Do I Have To?

A good deck builder will research your area’s permit requirements and get the applicable permits for your deck project. They might tack on an additional fee for that service, but it’s worth having the right paperwork and saves you time and hassle. And if your potential deck builder laughs when you ask about permits, hang up the phone. That’s another sign of a shoddy builder who uses shady business practices.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

The best deck builders will provide their clients with at least a one-year warranty against builder defects. What this means is that he or she will come and fix warped planks, exposed screw heads, or lopsided settling. This does not mean your builder will come pressure wash your deck because you didn’t clean the fall leaves off it. You will still have to practice basic deck care, including cleaning it.

Have You Considered an Aluminum Deck?

Wahoo Decks manufactures top-quality decks for clients all over the United States. You won’t find a more durable deck option anywhere. Tired of asking the same questions to find your potential deck builder? Your search ends here. Call Wahoo Decks at (678) 343-2317 for more information.

Deck Design Tips: 7 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Deck

Deck Design Tips: 7 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Deck

We love offering deck design tips and hope you enjoy them too! So, below are 7 deck design tips for adding privacy to your deck! A deck is an enjoyable place for friends and family. From cooking out to relaxing with a book it can be a place for a party or a place for relaxation. What could make a deck design even better? Perhaps a little privacy is just what you need.

Pocket Gardens

Whether you buy a pocket garden or make one, it’s a simple and unique way to add privacy. Simply hang it and you not only have your very own garden. Also, you’ll enjoy having added privacy to your deck.


A pergola works the same way as a tree, adding just the right amount of shade and privacy to your deck design. Finally, it’s the perfect combination for those hot summer days.


The great thing about a curtain is its versatility in regard to your deck design. Curtains come in a variety of sizes and colors. Therefore, you’re in control of your decor and the amount of privacy you want for your deck. 


For those that have a green thumb, flowers and plants are a fun way to add privacy. Choose your favorite flowers, plants, and shrubbery and add as little or as much privacy as you want!


Awnings/Canopies come in all types of shapes and styles! A canopy not only offers privacy from second story onlookers. Also, it protects you from the hot sun.


The wonderful thing about a trellis is the privacy it provides without restricting daylight or airflow. Add a bench like the homeowners did in the photo featured above for a day of privacy and relaxation.


A gazebo is a beautiful way to add privacy while also incorporating shade and even a sitting area.

deck design tips


About Wahoo Decks:

Headquartered in Dahlonega, Georgia, Wahoo Decks is a leading manufacturer of award-winning outdoor decking products. Wahoo products have been engineered to be uniquely low maintenance and more resistant to natural elements than traditional decking products. Wahoo Decks offers AridDek, a waterproof aluminum decking product, DryJoist and DryJoistEZ (U.S. Pat. No. 8,276,344), a revolutionary waterproof and structural exterior aluminum joist, and Wahoo Rail, a complete line of aluminum railing kits. For more information about Wahoo Decks, visit http://www.WahooDecks.com.

2 Easy Solutions to Help You Waterproof Your Deck

2 Easy Solutions to Help You Waterproof Your Deck

Creating a dry under deck area dramatically increases the usable space of your outdoor living oasis. Of course, the key is to make sure it’s done right so that your deck is indeed, waterproof.

2 Waterproof Solutions

At Wahoo Decks, we offer two different solutions to help you waterproof your deck or balcony—AridDek and DryJoistEZ. Both of our waterproof aluminum deck solutions are naturally water-resistant due to the inherent nature of aluminum. Aluminum decking is also:

  • Innately strong and durable.
  • An environmentally-friendly decking choice. It’s made of 50% recycled aluminum, and neither consists of – or requires cleaning by harsh chemicals.

Comparing the 2 Waterproofing Products

AridDek is an aluminum deck board with a tongue-in-groove design that creates a beautiful, low maintenance deck surface while providing the added bonus of an integrated gutter system for a dry, usable space below deck.

AridDek aluminum decking has a powder-coat to increase protection and durability, as well as color customization. Additionally, as with all our aluminum decking choices, it’s also a low-maintenance decking option. Aluminum decking also stays cooler than wood, composites, or concrete. AridDek is cooler to the touch when compared to traditional deck waterproofing options. The top surface of AridDek has texture for safety. The interlocking tongue-and-groove decking design of each watertight decking board forms a completely solid surface when connected.

*See an animation of how the AridDek waterproof aluminum decking system boards lock together when connected

AridDek also includes a hidden gutter system that serves to shuttle any water that does get through. And since it is one inch tall, it can also be the perfect replacement for existing decking.

More good news is AridDek’s simple installation process. AridDek goes over a traditional joist system and includes a start board, mainboards, and a finished board. We recommend that AridDek be perpendicular to the structure so the water will drain at a point furthest from the structure.

*Learn more about how AridDek aluminum decking works

DryJoistEZ – our completely waterproof aluminum deck drainage system –is a watertight solution for a totally dry space under your deck area.

Made from marine-grade aluminum, DryJoistEZ has many of the same benefits as AridDek aluminum decking. It’s sturdy and durable and it won’t ever rot, chip, warp, crack, or split.  Since aluminum has a powder-coat, it doesn’t need paint.

DryJoistEZ is not only an alternative to wood framing; it’s an alternative to waterproofing a deck or balcony as well. The DryjoistEZ planks are capable of spanning 6′ post to post on a single span and 8′ post to post on a multi-span, eliminating the need for wood joists 12 or 16 inches on center. The underside of DryjoistEZ is precision extruded with grooves so that when planks are interlocked, they resemble a traditional beadboard pattern on the ceiling of the area below the deck. You can secure any type of decking material, all while forming a waterproof barrier for the space below the deck itself!

Can you imagine how much easier it would be to have your deck waterproofing be a proactive, well-considered, planned, part of your deck design instead of an afterthought? This means no more add-on gutters or drains to detract from your deck’s beauty or that only work part-time.

Today there are so many possibilities to maximize your outdoor living spaces! Between waterproofing options that allow you to have that fully dry area below, the ability to add wiring into the dry channel of the DryjoistEZ, and then the option to top it all off with beautiful, prestigious-looking and durable deck railing options, your deck plan can be truly unique.

Wahoo Decks Puts Aluminum Deck Fire Safety to the Test

Wahoo Decks Puts Aluminum Deck Fire Safety to the Test

Wahoo Decks proves aluminum deck materials have excellent fire safety! With our aluminum decks, building a deck is an exciting project. But one priority you should not forget is the fire safety of your deck.

“Decks catch fire one of two ways. A burning [amber] landing on the surface of the deck is all that’s required. . . The other common cause of deck fires is flames from unmaintained vegetation igniting the deck from below” (Bolton).  Grill fires, for example, are often a cause for fires and can even lead to the fire dangerously spreading. “32% of grill fires on residential properties start on patios, terraces, screened-in porches, or courtyards, while an additional 24% start on exterior balconies and unenclosed porches” (FEMA).

That’s why it is essential to consider a product (such as our aluminum deck options) that is non-combustible and fire-safe when building a deck. However, most decking boards are not fireproof and can easily smoke and smolder.

Wahoo Decks recently decided to investigate the flammability of our aluminum deck boards in a hot charcoal test. This test involved taking hot charcoal from a grill and setting in on decking boards, such as wood/plastic composite, pressure-treated pine, and Brazilian Ipe hardwood and comparing it to AridDek aluminum decking.

Check out the video below to see what happens when hot charcoal lands on decking boards.

It just takes a short amount of time before other boards begin to melt, smolder, smoke, and burn to the point of ruin. Whereas AridDek bears no marks or burns and does not even smoke from the hot charcoal. Simply wipe it down, and AridDek looks good as new.

Remember the importance of fireproofing your deck when considering decking material options for your deck. Safety is essential in all aspects of your home, whether it’s inside or outdoors! Visit Wahoo Decks online to learn more about Wahoo Decks’ other fireproof aluminum decking products or call at 1 (877) 270-9387.


Decks in the Line of Fire by Bill Bolton

Grill Fires on Residential Properties FEMA Study

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Deck with DryJoistEZ

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Deck with DryJoistEZ

If you are dreaming of a deck just for a comfortable place to hang out, think bigger. Your outdoor deck can be your relaxation and enjoyment oasis.  Marine-grade aluminum offers a structurally sound outdoor deck option that will never rot, warp, crack, or fade. Our DryJoistEZ system is a perfect fit for those who want a dry under deck.

In addition to creating a 100% dry outdoor living space below, both DryJoistEZ are impervious to fire and insects. The 2″ tall structural aluminum joist has a powder coated finish so there is no need to prime, paint, or stain these materials for use on your outdoor deck.  This is one of the main benefits of DryJoistEZ.

However, there are some size benefits to installing DryJoistEZ as well.

DryJoistEZ when used for your outdoor deck, can span up to 8 feet on a single span without the need for a common wood joist. Also, DryJoistEZ is composed of the following parts:

  • 8″ Main Board
  • 4″ Main Board
  • 4″ End Board
  • 8″ Double Board
  • Channel Covers
  • Anchor Clips
  • Profile Trim

You also have the option of a 6 foot single span.  And again, DryJoistEZ has fewer parts.

  • 6″ Wide Main Board
  • 4″ Wide Multi Board
  • Profile Trim
  • Rail Anchors

DryJoistEZ offer a waterproof space below your deck. Whether you are building for a home or apartment, Wahoo Decks can provide you with an aluminum decking system that will be the perfect match for your next outdoor deck project.

To learn more about how you can purchase DryJoistEZ, visit Wahoo Decks.

Covid-19: A Note From Wahoo Decks

Covid-19: A Note From Wahoo Decks

Dear Customers,

Like you, the Wahoo Decks team has been monitoring the rapidly evolving public health crisis related to COVID-19, and we want to assure you that nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees and customers. Wahoo Decks has implemented recommended guidelines from the CDC, and we continue to take the advice and recommendations of the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Our operating status has changed to allow our employees to work safely from home, but our presence in the community remains the same. Our online sales model allows us to keep operations moving along and to achieve our ultimate goal of bringing you and your loved ones together in the outdoors. We’ll be here for you when you are ready.

We currently anticipate only slight delays in production and shipping, but we will provide updates here should that change. Our current hours of operation will remain in effect (M-F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM).

We can be reached in any of the following ways:
Phone: 877-270-9387
Email: Reach out to us at sales@wahoodecks.com and our sales team will respond to your inquiry.
Website: Fill out our contact form here.

Although we don’t have every answer, and we know that the unknown can be frightening, there are several actions that can be taken to reduce the chance of spreading this disease. We ask everyone to be responsible. Practice the things which will protect yourself and your loved ones as we try to model those behaviors at Wahoo.

We also hope that you will take this time at home to enjoy your outdoor living spaces, and share them with us on social media. Additionally, we have decided to extend our Annual Spring Sale to June 20, 2020, to give you more time to save on your decking materials. (Some restrictions apply.)
Visit our site today for a quote.

Be sure to follow Wahoo Decks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We look forward to hearing about your deck plans and seeing photos of your projects.


The Wahoo Decks Team

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