Top 5 Deck Design Tips For Privacy: Plan Your Outdoor Oasis

It’s great to have great neighbors, but there’s a reason that Robert Frost coined the phrase “Great fences make great neighbors.”  You have begun to design your new outdoor living area. Next, you’ll want to consider ways to make that living area private as part of your perfect deck design. Our top 5 deck design tips for privacy provide privacy while also adding depth and beauty to your new deck space.

Plant Walls

Using hanging planters that are as simple or as elaborate as you like, a wall made up of hanging baskets is beautiful and fresh and creates a verdant screen for your deck space. Check out this tutorial from Martha Stewart. 


Outdoor curtains can add shade to your deck or patio area, and they give your decor a touch of drama and romance. You can find them at Home Depot or Lowe’s, and prices range from $15, up to $90. They’re quick and easy to install. We also love this DIY idea for making your outdoor curtains out of drop cloths!


Wooden lattice sections are very inexpensive and easy to work with. Done right, you can use them to create a privacy screen for your outdoor space that is stylish and attractive, in addition to providing privacy and camouflage for unseemly power outlets, compost bins, or AC compressors.


The classic hedge wall makes the perfect privacy partition. This option can take a while to cultivate, but the lush green foliage also functions as a property marker, windscreen, and sound barrier. If you are uncomfortable designing complex landscape layouts on your own, you’ll want to consult a landscape design expert. You can also find many online suggestions and tips if you prefer to DIY.

Buffer Noise

Even if you can’t see your neighbors, unwanted noises can disturb the peace of your outdoor living area. Block sound from neighbor’s dogs or noisy traffic areas, and cancel your own noisemaking activities by creating a water feature. From simple and inexpensive, to more grand designs, most water features can be added in just a few days. 

If you’ve enjoyed our top 5 deck design tips for privacy, give us a call today to find out we can help you add the aluminum deck of your dreams to your home or business.

3 Reasons a Pergola is Perfect for Your Deck

Designing your deck can be fun because there are so many ideas to consider and things you can do to spruce up your outdoor deck area!  Whether your deck is low to the ground, multilevel or raised, a pergola can be that special something to add to your deck design.  Here’s three reasons a pergola is perfect for your deck:

1. Pergolas add privacy to your deck design

A pergola adds privacy to your deck design without shutting you off from the rest of the world. Therefore, if you want more privacy, consider adding a trellis to your pergola.

2. A pergola can add shade

A pergola works the same way as a tree, adding just the right amount of shade. Finally, perfection for those hot summer days!

3. With a pergola, you can add a dining area to your deck design

Since a pergola keeps you cool, it’s a perfect place for spending time with friends and family. Pergolas usually are tall enough that you can place a table comfortably and have a sitting area for your guests. Great for parties and dining!

About Wahoo Decks:

Headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia, Wahoo Decks is a leading manufacturer of award winning outdoor decking products. Wahoo products have been engineered to be uniquely low maintenance and more resistant to natural elements than traditional decking products. Wahoo Decks offers AridDek, a waterproof aluminum decking product, DryJoist and DryJoistEZ (U.S. Pat. No. 8,276,344), a revolutionary waterproof and structural exterior aluminum joist, and Wahoo Rail, a complete line of aluminum railing kits. For more information about Wahoo Decks, visit


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Pergola with Trellis

A Pergola on Raised Deck

Pergola with Kitchen Area

Making The Most Of Your Wahoo Deck: Winter Deck Design Ideas

Making The Most Of Your Wahoo Deck: Winter Deck Design Ideas

winter deck ideas

Winter is coming in North America! Here are a few winter deck design ideas for you from Wahoo Decks.

With temperatures starting to drop around most parts of the country, we know your deck might get a little neglected around this time of year. However, there’s still plenty of use for your aluminum deck throughout the winter months! Keep reading for a few winter deck design ideas on how to make the most out of your outdoor living space this season.


Even if it is too cold to physically be on your deck, who said you can’t enjoy the view with some holiday lighting? String lights on your deck rail, hang a garland, or even use an outdoor Christmas tree! If you don’t have time to situate Santa on your roof ‘Christmas With The Cranks’ style, you can at least take solace in giving him a new home on your deck.

Throw an outdoor deck party.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a part of the county that stays above freezing, consider adding an outdoor option to your holiday party. Combine your deck decor with some fake snow (or real if you’re adventurous!) to make your deck feel like a true winter wonderland. Outdoor space heaters can help to combat the cold, and you could even use a patio fire place for some delicious s’mores!

Host an outdoor meal.

Soak up the last bits of fall weather and scenery by hosting a meal for family and friends on your deck. Brunch or dinner are both great options for outdoor gatherings. If you have a particularly scenic deck location, it would also make for a great photo-op! This is a great option if you don’t want to make guests hang outside for as long as you would a party, but also to still get some deck use. Be as involved with the decor as little or as much as you want!

Wahoo Deck’s aluminum decks are designed to be used in all weather. So, why not enjoy your deck all year long?

For more winter deck design ideas and inspiration, visit our ‘Winter Deck Design Ideas’ Pinterest board.

4 Easy Tips for Decorating Your Deck for Fall

Fall is finally here and just because it’s cooling down, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your deck. One of the easiest deck design ideas is to incorporate seasonal decorations! Here are 4 easy ideas for decorating your deck for fall.

1. Place a Wreath on your door.

The great thing about wreaths is they can be bought or made, whichever you prefer. Hang it on your door leading to the deck or hang them on the railings! Wreaths are an easy way to add fall flavor to your deck design.

2. Add Pumpkins

When you think of fall, what do you think of? Pumpkins, of course! You’ll find pumpkins anywhere during the fall and the fun thing about pumpkins during the fall is you can literally put them anywhere on your deck and they’ll add a beautiful touch of fall! And when Halloween gets closer, carve them with friends and family!

3. Put Leaves in a Vase

Here’s a practically free way to decorate your deck for fall. Take a vase and gather the leaves as they fall and make a beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor table.

4. Use Fall Themed Candles

The smell of pumpkin spice doesn’t have to be confined to your indoor home. Take your fall scented candles outside while you enjoy the scenery!

Happy Fall and Enjoy decorating your deck for fall!

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About Wahoo Decks:

Headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia, Wahoo Decks is a leading manufacturer of award winning outdoor decking products. Wahoo products have been engineered to be uniquely low maintenance and more resistant to natural elements than traditional decking products. Wahoo Decks offers AridDek, a waterproof aluminum decking product, DryJoist and DryJoistEZ (U.S. Pat. No. 8,276,344), a revolutionary waterproof and structural exterior aluminum joist, and Wahoo Rail, a complete line of aluminum railing kits. For more information about Wahoo Decks, visit







Deck Design Ideas: What Size Deck Should I Have?

Looking for deck design ideas? We can help!

Decided you want to build a deck but you need help with deck design ideas? If you don’t know where to start, this is normal. There are many things to consider. Probably one of the first things you need to think about when building a deck is the size you want your deck to be.

The size of your deck can depend on many other outside factors, such as budget, space, and your surroundings. After examining these things you can easily decide what the perfect size of your deck should be.

What’s Your Budget?

Knowing what your budget is before you get too immersed in the design planning of building your deck is very important. When budgeting, think about the cost of decking materials and labor. After you’ve come up with a budget that you are content with, it’s time to start thinking about the space you’ll want or need for your deck.

How Will You Use It?

Ask yourself when you begin to design, “What will I be using my deck for?” Answering this question will help you size the deck to your needs. For example, if you plan on throwing a lot of outdoor parties, you may want to remember to keep your deck larger so that there is plenty of room for seats, people, and tables. Once you know how you are going to use the space, sketch out the deck size and then place everything you’ll use there. Don’t forget your furniture, plants, grills, or seats. Keep in mind the area under your deck when you are planning the measurements of your deck. The under-deck can be used for outdoor living or storage. If you choose a waterproof decking product, such as AridDek or DryJoistEZ structural deck drainage system, the space will also be protected from the rain.

What Is Your Space Like?

The space and size of your deck can also depend on your surroundings, like the size of your house and yard. “A deck’s scale should reference the size of the house and yard proportionately” (Establishing An Appropriate Scale).  Consider what size of deck will best balance the house and surroundings. Ask yourself, “How much space do I really need?” You may want a wrap-around deck and if that’s the case, just remember how large a yard you have. Same goes for even if you want a small petite deck, you must have the proper amount of yard for your decking project and this must be considered. For best results when sizing your deck, use 2’ increments, an example of these types of measurements would be: 10’ x 12’, 12’ X 14’, or 14’ X 16’.

We Can Help You with Deck Design Ideas

Once you have your measurements for your deck, your deck designing and building can begin! Wahoo Decks can help you decide what product will be best to use on your deck. Wahoo Decks offers aluminum decking products that can be used to build decks in all shapes and sizes. Choose from AridDek, a waterproof aluminum decking board,  DryJoistEZ, a revolutionary waterproof and structural exterior aluminum joist, and add Wahoo Rail, a complete line of aluminum railing kits. For more information about Wahoo Decks, visit or call (877) 270-9387 and start planning for your dream deck today!


Establishing an Appropriate Scale

Looking for an Interactive Deck Design Tool? Look No Further!

If you are a homeowner who wants a new deck, but doesn’t know where to start this interactive deck design tool is just what you need.  Everyone has different preferences and uses for their deck. This is why an interactive tool with custom options is a great place to start.

Read on for a look into how Wahoo Decks’ interactive tool can help you narrow down your options to make more informed design decisions. And when you’re getting started, you need to consider whether you want to utilize extra areas underneath your new deck.

For Custom Decks without Dry Areas Underneath

If you’ve decided you want a deck, but you don’t need the area underneath to stay dry for storage or living spaces, the Fortis option could make sense for you. This aluminum deck board is similar to conventional wood planks in function, but without the maintenance needs. It never needs any sealing and requires only occasional cleaning.

Fortis does more than help you to steer clear of damage from bad weather and pests. It provides owners with durability and ease of installation. The non-watertight surface doesn’t become hot in direct sunlight and is also non-skid for added safety.

For Deck Designs with Dry Areas Beneath

When you wish to take advantage of all the available space in your yard, under-deck areas are essential. They only work if you can keep them dry, however, and this means selecting the right material for the job. AridDek waterproof aluminum decking is one option that does more than just provide a surface for your new deck. It also serves as a drainage system. This includes an integrated gutter design that ensures the area underneath has protection from moisture.

The AridDek boards fit together snugly in a tight formation, which forces the majority of rainfall to roll off of the surface entirely. Any water that manages to get through the groves gets funneled into the gutter system. This keeps the area under your deck clear, even in heavy precipitation.

Get a Professional Deck Consultation and Quote

Regardless of the space you have or the features you want, the most important part of any new deck project is the provider. Wahoo Decks has built a reputation for providing only the highest-quality decking materials available. Our aluminum materials will outlast the competition. We aim to give you many more years and spare you the costs of repairs for long-term financial benefits.

Reach out to our team of professionals for a quote, consultation, or simply to request more information. Visit our website today and take the interactive deck design tool for a spin. It could be the first step you take towards your new outdoor living space.