Independence Day ‘Deck-orations’: Celebrate The 4th Of July On Your Wahoo Deck

Independence Day ‘Deck-orations’: Celebrate The 4th Of July On Your Wahoo Deck

Preparing for a fun filled Fourth on your deck? There are several simple decorations that you can utilize to add to the festivities of Independence Day. You will have the most patriotic deck on the block with these simple tips. The great thing about celebrating Independence Day on your Wahoo Deck is that our aluminum deck boards stay cooler to the touch than other deck surfaces!

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Create A Patriotic Tablescape

By adding touches of red, white, and blue to your outdoor tablescape, you can easily display your patriotism. Adding these colors can be achieved through using red plates, blue glasses, and white napkins. Complete your table by spreading confetti across the completed table.

St. Patrick's Day Decor

Add Lighting

Hanging lights on your deck or patio for Independence Day will set the mood for festivity while creating a beautiful atmosphere when the sun goes down. Check out these DIY lanterns for a creative and fun way to add festive lighting to your deck space.

St. Patrick's Day Decor

Get Patriotic

The classic form of decorating for the Fourth is by adding American flags to your outdoor space. Whether you want to hang a patriotic bunting from your deck railing or add some flags to your garden, an American flag will complete your patriotic theme. 

For more 4th of July decor ideas, check out these ideas for Classy Ways to Add Patriotic Flair to your 4th of July Party

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Summer Cookout Ideas

Summer Cookout Ideas

Kick off summer with a cookout on your deck! School will be out soon, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate with friends and family. This year, embrace new cookout traditions with good food, fun games, and all of your favorite party goers! Here are some of our best ideas for your summer cookout.

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Focus On The Food

We love enjoying yummy food with friends and family on the comfort of our deck. Whether you’re enjoying fresh vegetables from the garden or indulging in delicacies from the grill. If you want to entertain with side dishes other than the typical potato and pasta salad dishes, opting for specialty side items can be a fun start for everyone. Try changing things up with a Caprese salad with tomatoes fresh from the garden.

St. Patrick's Day Decor

Games Galore

Summer is the perfect time to break out all the lawn games. Corn hole is a fun way to have a little friendly competition amongst guests. Try a jumbo Jenga set you can put on the deck or a table on the lawn. If you want a game that keeps you cool while having fun, set up a slip’n slide on the lawn or break out the water balloons.

Summertime is the best time to get outdoors, spend time with your friends and family, and have a cookout with food, drinks, and games. If you are looking to update your outdoor living space, we can help. Contact the residential outdoor living experts at Wahoo Decks. We will work with you to create a deck you’ll love and use, year-round.

We love these ideas from wayfair.com. 

St. Patrick's Day Decor

Don't Forget The Drinks

No matter what ages you’re entertaining this summer, you will need some cold drinks on hand to keep everyone’s thirst quenched. Try mixing it up with fun drinks, rather than just lemonade and water. Whip up some watermelon margaritas for your adult guests, and add some bubbly soda for the kids! This is a party pleaser every time.

Check Out This List From Food And Wine Magazine For More Summer Cocktail Ideas

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Hosting a Kentucky Derby party on your Wahoo Deck!

Hosting a Kentucky Derby party on your Wahoo Deck!

With all the excitement that surrounds the first weekend in May, stir up your own fun with a themed Kentucky Derby party on your deck! A fun tradition will ensue with friends and family, and on a Wahoo Deck the fun will keep coming for years! Enjoy these recipes and decor ideas!

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Mint Julep Bar

As the traditional cocktail of the Kentucky Derby, no party is complete without this refreshing drink! Decorate the drink station with roses and garland, as you would the winning horse of the Derby!

Mint Julep Recipe:

  • 1 teaspoon powdered sugar
  • 2 ounces Bourbon whiskey
  • 2 teaspoons of water
  • 4 mint leaves


  1. In a highball glass gently muddle the mint, sugar, and water
  2. Fill the glass with cracked ice.
  3. Add bourbon and stir well until the glass is well frosted
  4. Add garnish of mint sprig
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Decorating Your Deck - Derby Style

Feature the flower of the Kentucky Derby: red roses! Creating fun centerpieces full of red roses with a touch of equestrian flair is a great way to show your Derby style!

Check out Elva M. Design Studio for free printable signs and other decor ideas for your Derby party!

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Finger Foods of the Kentucky Derby

Showcase some of the delicious foods offered at the derby on your deck! A longtime favorite of the Derby is the Classic Pimento Cheese, served with pork cracklings.

Classic Pimento Cheese Recipe:

  • ⅓ cup mayonnaise
  • 2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 teaspoon Apple cider vinegar
  • 1 ½ teaspoon dried mustard
  • 1 ½ teaspoon favorite hot sauce
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons finely diced onion
  • 12 ounce jar of diced pimiento
  • 16 ounce shredded sharp yellow cheddar cheese


  1. In a medium mixing bowl stir together the first 8 ingredients
  2. Fold in pimientos and cheddar cheese
  3. Cover and chill to 6 to 10 hours
  4. Let stand at room temperature 30 minutes and stir before serving
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Take Bets!

Placing bets on the horses is a fun way to get into the racing spirit! If it’s for money or just bragging rights, it’s all still in fun! Create your own betting slips, and give out miniature trophies to the winners!

You can even buy customized trophies to give out. We found these on Amazon!

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The 4 Most Essential Decking Accessories for Spring

The 4 Most Essential Decking Accessories for Spring

Occupy your deck to the fullest extent with the right accessories for the spring season. After a cold winter season, everyone is ready to be outside and soaking up the sunshine. Spring deck entertaining is a great way to kick off the outdoor entertaining season and fully enjoy all your deck offers.

Successful outdoor entertaining requires some basic furnishings and comforts to help accommodate guests that visit your deck. A folding table and camp chairs could do the job. Or you can create an outdoor oasis that will benefit you during each season. As your trusted deck experts at Wahoo Decks, we are happy to use our years of experience to help you achieve top deck status.

Here are our picks for 4 essential spring decking accessories:

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1. Deck Furniture

Deck furniture is available in a wide range of materials, colors, and styles. Purchasing high quality items can be done at multiple price points. Choose furniture that fits your needs on your deck while also fulfilling the vision you have for your deck. With deck furniture your main focus should be quality and comfort.

St. Patrick's Day Decor

3. Planters

Use the fresh spring weather to care for plants and flowers around your deck. While a spring and summer accessory, planters add a touch of greenery or color to decks that make entertaining that much more fun. Whether you’re planting primarily ornamental plants and flowers or using a small garden box to grow your own veggies, planters add interest to any deck space.

If you’re using a planter on your aluminum decking, it is important to use something elevated to resist staining the powder coated finish on your aluminum deck boards- and always avoid anything with metal legs, as those can cause your aluminum decking to rust.

Create a wall of greenery and flowers with this wooden flower stand on wheels from Amazon.com.

St. Patrick's Day Decor

2. Deck Boxes

When shopping for deck accessories, a deck box should be at the top of your list. Deck boxes allow for storage of other accessories, while completing your cohesive deck décor. Many full deck furniture sets offer a coordinating deck box as well. Locating a matching deck box is a task easily completed.

We love this deck box from Target!

St. Patrick's Day Decor

4. Add A Fire Pit

With the chill of winter lingering after the sun sets, a fire pit helps to give parties just the right amount of warmth to keep going. The choice is yours be it a gas fire pit that allows you to control the flame or a traditional wood burning fire pit. Fire pits are available in many different sizes and styles.

Fire pits also work great on our aluminum decking. Learn more about our fire-rating and choosing the right fire pit for your deck space here.

If you decide to use a firepit on your aluminum deck, it is important to use something between metal bottoms or legs and your deck surface. Metal-on-metal contact with your deck can cause the powder-coated surface of your deck to scratch and cause your deck to rust.

The Montego Gas Fire Pit Table from www.woodlanddirect.com is a great option for most deck spaces. 

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Deck Décor: Last Minute St. Paddy’s Day ‘Deck’orations

Deck Décor: Last Minute St. Paddy’s Day ‘Deck’orations

We love dressing our Wahoo Decks up for each holiday, and St. Paddy’s Day is no different! Show your deck some love with our seasonal picks. Check out our 4 simple ideas for decorating your deck this season.

1. Irish Style Bunting

Bunting is a fun way to dress up your deck, while providing an easy clean up when the celebration is done. Just attach to your front or back railings. Bunting is a great décor piece, because it lasts for years when stored properly.

Get yours here. 

St. Patrick's Day Decor

3. Create A St. Patrick’s Day Arrangement

Showcase your creativity with a fun green, shamrock filled arrangement for your deck! This diy project is sure to wow the neighbors and can be made with décor you already have on hand. This arrangement was created with Dollar Store finds!

Get the details here. 


St. Patrick's Day Decor

2. Add Shamrocks

A festive way to incorporate seasonal décor is to include a door hanger. A welcoming touch to your home, while also being fun for the season! 

We found this cute hand-painted shamrock door hanger on Etsy.

St. Patrick's Day Decor

4. Outdoor Lanterns

Let your love for St. Paddy’s day shine day or night with festive lanterns! Dress up your deck for an evening party to celebrate! 

We found these leprechaun lanterns on Amazon.  

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How Outdoor Entertainment Systems Can Transform Your Deck

How Outdoor Entertainment Systems Can Transform Your Deck

Outdoor entertainment systems offer a way to enjoy your favorite music and programs al fresco. We all want to make the most of the good weather while it lasts. Imagine upgrading your cookouts with a flat-screen television and surround-sound speakers. Your backyard could become the most popular hangout spot in the neighborhood in no time.

Having a television or sound system installed on your deck is not as complicated as it sounds. A good installer will do the job right in less than a day. Just think, your new system could be up and running just in time for football season! Here are our best tips for using outdoor audio systems to transform your deck.

Only Use Outdoor-Approved Audio Visual Equipment

Thinking of moving your current television out to the deck? Big mistake. A backyard entertainment system calls for a specialized TV made for the outdoors. These units are durable and weather-resistant. Their screens have anti-glare properties to enhance your outdoor viewing experience. The same goes for outdoor speakers; insects and rain can’t ruin them. So don’t wreck your current electronics. Do it right and get a professional to install the right equipment for your deck.

Choose Weatherproof Equipment

What happens if it starts raining in the middle of your outdoor party? This is why you should choose weatherproof equipment for your outdoor entertainment system. There’s no need to disassemble everything and haul it inside. Weatherproof units can stay right where they are without any worry. If you decide to get a universal remote for your system, it’s a good idea to invest in a waterproof remote. This is especially true if you have a pool or hot tub.

Want to Extend Your Entertainment System Beyond the Deck?

Do your gatherings spill off the deck and into your yard? No problem. Don’t leave anybody out of the party! You’ve seen the speakers hidden inside fake rocks at malls, right? You can get those for your house, too! Those speaker rocks can become a lovely enhancement of your landscaping. Your music and movie audio can play wherever you want on your property, not only right next to the TV.

Integrated Outdoor Entertainment Systems Keep the Party Going

The latest generations of entertainment systems for outdoor use are fully integrated. You could control your TV, music, and even the lights from your smartphone. Change the lighting, music, and programming to fit the evolving mood of your party. No need to find the remotes or even get up from your card game. These seamless transitions mean that nobody – even you – has to miss a beat of your party.

Wahoo Decks is Georgia’s Source for Entertainment Systems Outdoors

When you’re ready to get your system set up, call Wahoo Decks. We have the experience and industry knowledge to build an incredible audiovisual system for your deck. Call our team at Wahoo Decks today at (678) 343-2317 to start designing the outdoor entertainment system of your dreams.