AridDek® Waterproof Deck System For Decks And Balconies

Deck Drainage System And Aluminum Deck Surface In One

The Surface Approach To Waterproofing A Deck Or Balcony

AridDek Waterproof Aluminum Decking is an all-in-one deck surface and deck drainage system that is low-maintenance and highly durable, making it the perfect deck surface application for commercial and multifamily spaces. Architects, developers, and designers love the fact that the AridDek Waterproof Deck System requires less maintenance than wood or composite decking.

Deck boards fit together in a tongue and groove configuration, forcing water to run off the surface and funneling any water that does seep through the barrier into an integrated gutter channel, creating a usable, 100% dry under deck area.

From freezing rain and heavy snow to extreme heat and torrential downpours, with heavy traffic or just regular usage, AridDek is designed to out-perform conventional deck surface materials.



Artisan Clay


Save Time And Money At Your Job Site

Installation is a simple process with the AridDek Waterproof Deck System, so you’ll save on labor costs and complete your projects faster.

Finish Board
Main Board
Start Board

Trim conceals end view.

Fasten one 1-1/2" hex head fastener every two feet.

No pre-drilling is required when installedwith a high-speed drill driver.

Hidden Fasteners

Low Maintenance

Especially when compared to traditional deck boards, the aluminum and powder coated finish of your AridDek Waterproof Deck System never need to be stained, painted, or sealed. 


Eco-Friendly: AridDek is 100% recyclable, and is made from up to 50% recycled scrap metal. While most building materials will eventually end up in a landfill one day, AridDek can be separated and recycled again.

Heat Regulating

Aluminum rapidly dissipates heat, which keeps AridDek’s surface cooler to the touch than most other commonly-used decking surfaces.


AridDek’s unique design creates a 100% dry space beneath your deck, increasing usable space in your outdoor area.

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