DryJoistEZ® Deck
Drainage System

Drainage System For
Decks & Balconies

DryJoistEZ: The Structural Approach Waterproofing Decks And Balconies

DryJoistEZ is a drainage system that creates dry space below decks and balconies, with a finished bead-board ceiling below.

DryJoistEZ eliminates the need for multiple steps when waterproofing exterior balconies and decks. Gone are the days of built-up rubber membrane systems or lightweight poured concrete balconies. Developers can add structure, waterproofing, and durability to balcony or deck spaces in one step.



Installing DryJoistEZ Deck Drainage System:

DryJoistEZ is an easy to install structural aluminum joist that also provides a watertight deck drainage system.


DryJoistEZ’s unique design creates a 100% dry space beneath your deck, increasing usable space in your outdoor area.

Simple Installation

Wahoo Decks saves you time by making DryJoistEZ simple to install. Need a little help? Give one of our product consultants a call and we’ll walk you through it.

Design Versatility

Architects and developers love DryJoistEZ because it can be used with almost any kind of decking material.


Eco-Friendly: DryJoistEZ is 100% recyclable, and is made from up to 50% recycled scrap metal.

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