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How Wahoo Complete™ Works

The Wahoo Complete™ balcony system is manufactured using 50% post-industrial, post-consumer scrap aluminum. All balconies are fireproof, powder-coated marine grade aluminum and are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.

Unique to Wahoo Decks, all Wahoo Complete commercial and/or multifamily balcony options are dry-below balcony—meaning… no water, dirt or debris will fall to the balcony below.

Wahoo Complete is available with AridDek aluminum decking or DryJoistEZ structural joists & capped HDPE decking, or your choice of custom decking. Support is dependent on building design, options include either rod hung, knee-braced, post supports or cantilevered beams.

Custom Design & Quality Engineering

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Each Wahoo Complete™ multifamily balcony project is custom designed by professional engineers to meet project specifications and building code requirements. Wahoo Decks provides detailed drawings for commercial balcony construction and installation, as well as, on-site consultation and training to the installation contractor.

A powder-coated factory finish is applied to all visible surface and components. Wahoo Decks’ powder-coated aluminum withstands 1500 hours of salt spray testing in 5% salt solution and must pass The South Florida Outdoor Exposure test.

Railing, Substructure Framing, and Decking In-One


The Wahoo Complete™ pre-fabricated balconies include railing, substructure framing and decking, all-in-one. Developers have the option of multiple walking surfaces. Balcony support options are dependent on building design. Options include either rod hung, knee-braced, post supports, or cantilevered beams.

Delivered Directly to the Job Site


With Wahoo Complete™ total multifamily balcony systems, our goal is to make your entire multifamily balcony installation process as easy as possible. That is why we take care of as many logistical details as we can—including shipping your order directly to your job site. That way, you have one less thing to worry about and can focus on serving your customers efficiently and effectively.

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