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FAQ: Fortis® Aluminum Decking

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    Will Fortis aluminum deck boards get hot during the summer?
    Yes, but they will be cooler than other materials. The thermal conductivity of Fortis aluminum deck boards dissipates heat, providing a cooler deck surface than most wood or composite surfaces.
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    What colors can I choose for my Fortis aluminum decking?
    Fortis is available in three color options: Sandstone, Artisan Clay, and Granite.
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    What is the difference between AridDek Waterproof Decking and Fortis Aluminum Decking?
    Ariddek is a waterproof aluminum deck system that creates a low maintenance deck surface while providing an integrated gutter system with dry, usable space underneath. Fortis is an eight-inch aluminum pre-grooved deck board that creates a low maintenance deck surface similar to traditional deck boards in appearance. Fortis is not watertight because of the gap between the boards.
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    Is routine maintenance involved in keeping my deck looking new?
    No: one of the most important features of your new Fortis aluminum deck surface is that you won’t have to paint, stain, or refinish it in order to keep your deck looking new.  We do recommend that you wash your deck surface periodically using mild soapy water and a soft bristle brush. (Basically the same way you would wash a car.)
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    Is aluminum decking slippery?
    No: Fortis aluminum decking is not slippery. It has a powder-coated finish that provides steady footing in wet or dry conditions. Additionally, the ribbed surface provides additional traction and conceals the hidden fastener system for a gapless, skid-free surface.
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    Will my Fortis Aluminum Decking ever rust?
    Fortis is extruded from an aluminum alloy (6005-T5 aluminum) that will not rust. However, as with other decking materials including wood, composite, or even concrete, steel products that come in contact with your deck surface can rust and even stain Fortis. Do not store metal objects that could rust and stain your deck on Fortis. Avoid metal working on Fortis, as well. When installing iron railings, protect your deck surface with a non-plastic drop cloth to prevent grinding dust and weld splatter from settling on the surface of your deck.
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    Are the Fortis deck boards compliant with local building codes and International Building Codes?
    Yes. Fortis meets or exceeds deck building code specifications and guidelines for aluminum structures, as recommended by AA ADM 1 and required by the International Building Code – 2015. Building Code Requirements – International Building Code – 2015.
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    Can Fortis be used to replace deck joists?
    No: Fortis does not replace trusses, joists, rafters, or support beams. Fortis should solely be used as a deck surface.
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    Do I need special tools to install Fortis Aluminum Decking?
    No: Fortis can be installed with a minimum number of readily available tools. No special tools are necessary for installation.
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    What type of blade should I use to cut Fortis?
    • Carbide-tipped nonferrous blade
    • 12” blade-96 tooth
    • 10” blade 80 tooth
    • 7 ¼” blade 62 tooth
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    What are the joist spacing requirements when installing Fortis Aluminum Decking?
    The maximum allowable joist spacing is 24 inches on-center when installing the aluminum deck boards on pre-existing or new joist structures.

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