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FAQ: Wahoo Rail Aluminum Deck Railing

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    What railing colors are available?
    Wahoo Rail has an extremely durable, baked-enamel finish that is available in three color options: Antique Bronze, Mocha, and White.
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    What are the benefits of using aluminum deck railings?
    Unlike common wood deck railing or composite deck railing that retain heat and create hot surfaces during the summertime; aluminum dissipates heat and ensures that your handrails stay cooler on hot days than traditional materials. Wahoo Rail is also powder-coated, which means that it resists UV damage caused by sun exposure.
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    Does the Wahoo Rail system meet building codes and safety standards?
    Yes, Wahoo Rail meets AAMA 2603.02 and National Safety Standards and Codes.
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    How do I maintain my Wahoo Aluminum Railing?
    Our powder-coated aluminum railing is incredibly easy to maintain.  We do recommend that you wash your railing occasionally with mild soapy water and a soft bristle brush.
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    What is included in the Wahoo Rail package?
    The Wahoo Rail kit includes one post, and a 4 foot, 5 foot, or 6-foot section of rails and balusters, along with all of the hardware required to assemble and install your new Wahoo Aluminum Rail. aluminum deck railing antique bronze straight
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    Is Wahoo Rail environmentally friendly?
    Yes. Wahoo Rail is manufactured using 45% recycled content from industrial and post-consumer aluminum scrap.

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