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FAQ: Wahoo Complete Prefabricated Balcony System

Wahoo Complete Multifamily Decking and Balcony Solution
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    What components are included with the Wahoo Complete system?
    A typical project consists of the balcony frame, decking, railing, and attachment hardware.
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    What sizes are available?
    We custom-fabricate Wahoo Complete balconies for each project, so they can be made to just about any size.
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    How does a Wahoo Complete Balcony attach to a building?
    The connection details vary depending on the project.  A typical rod-hung balcony will consist of bolting the balcony frame to the building and attaching the support rods to steel knife plates that are also bolted into the structure.
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    What kind of railing do you offer?
    We offer aluminum, vertical baluster railing in 3 stock colors of powder coat; Mocha, White, Antique Bronze.  Custom colors are also available at an additional cost depending on the volume of the project.
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    What kind of decking is used for the balconies?
    We typically include our AridDek Waterproof Deck system for the balconies, because it is lightweight, low maintenance, and durable- and its ability to create completely dry space below makes it a great fit for balcony applications. We can also install composite decking on the balconies if that is a better fit for your project.
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    Do you install Wahoo Complete balconies at my job site?
    PreWahoo Decks is a manufacturer, and we do not provide installation services. Installations are typically done by the framing contractor involved on a project. The great thing about our prefabricated balconies is that a great deal of the work is done in our shop before the balcony arrives on site.  We weld and powder coat the frames and install the decking onto the frames in our shop.  We then assemble the rail sections for the balconies and pre-drill the holes for the railing attachment onto the decked frames. Typical installation consists of attaching the railing sections to the pre-decked platforms after delivery, installing the knife plates onto the structure (if required), and attaching the balconies to the knife plates and structure.

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