If you are a homeowner who wants a new deck, but doesn’t know where to start this interactive deck design tool is just what you need.  Everyone has different preferences and uses for their deck. This is why an interactive tool with custom options is a great place to start.

Read on for a look into how Wahoo Decks’ interactive tool can help you narrow down your options to make more informed design decisions. And when you’re getting started, you need to consider whether you want to utilize extra areas underneath your new deck.

For Custom Decks without Dry Areas Underneath

If you’ve decided you want a deck, but you don’t need the area underneath to stay dry for storage or living spaces, the Fortis option could make sense for you. This aluminum deck board is similar to conventional wood planks in function, but without the maintenance needs. It never needs any sealing and requires only occasional cleaning.

Fortis does more than help you to steer clear of damage from bad weather and pests. It provides owners with durability and ease of installation. The non-watertight surface doesn’t become hot in direct sunlight and is also non-skid for added safety.

For Deck Designs with Dry Areas Beneath

When you wish to take advantage of all the available space in your yard, under-deck areas are essential. They only work if you can keep them dry, however, and this means selecting the right material for the job. AridDek waterproof aluminum decking is one option that does more than just provide a surface for your new deck. It also serves as a drainage system. This includes an integrated gutter design that ensures the area underneath has protection from moisture.

The AridDek boards fit together snugly in a tight formation, which forces the majority of rainfall to roll off of the surface entirely. Any water that manages to get through the groves gets funneled into the gutter system. This keeps the area under your deck clear, even in heavy precipitation.

Get a Professional Deck Consultation and Quote

Regardless of the space you have or the features you want, the most important part of any new deck project is the provider. Wahoo Decks has built a reputation for providing only the highest-quality decking materials available. Our aluminum materials will outlast the competition. We aim to give you many more years and spare you the costs of repairs for long-term financial benefits.

Reach out to our team of professionals for a quote, consultation, or simply to request more information. Visit our website today and take the interactive deck design tool for a spin. It could be the first step you take towards your new outdoor living space.