Deck Waterproofing And Drainage System

DryJoistEZ® Deck Drainage System

Meet DryJoistEZ: The Absolutely Waterproof Deck Drainage System

  • Deck Drainage System:
  • No Walking Surface
  • Can Be Added To An Existing Deck Frame (Some Modifications May Be Necessary)
  • 100% Watertight
  • Maximum Length: 24 Feet
  • Maximum Span: 6 Feet OC

DryJoistEZ is a deck drainage system that creates dry space with a finished bead-board ceiling below your deck.

The DryJoistEZ system is structurally-integrated into your deck, providing a waterproof deck drainage system and a finished beadboard ceiling all in one application. Form meets function with this diverse system: homeowners love the DryJoistEZ system because it doubles usable outdoor space and integrates seamlessly with any home design style.



Installing The DryJoistEZ Deck Drainage System:

DryJoistEZ is an easy to install structural aluminum joist that also provides a watertight deck drainage system.

100% Waterproof

Use DryJoistEZ to create completely dry space with a finished ceiling below your deck.

Simple Installation

Wahoo Decks saves you time by making DryJoistEZ simple to install. Need a little help? Give one of our product consultants a call and we’ll walk you through it.

Design Versatility

Homeowners love DryJoistEZ because it can be used with almost any kind of decking material, which means that you can have all of the benefits of an aluminum system with the look you choose for your outdoor aesthetic.


Eco-Friendly: DryJoistEZ is 100% recyclable, and is made from up to 50% recycled scrap metal. While most building materials will eventually end up in a landfill one day, DryJoistEZ can be recycled.

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DryJoistEZ Deck System

From Our Customers

DryJoist EZ is what I purchased. I wanted a dry screen room under the deck… After evaluating several different options to ensure a dry space underneath, I am so happy I went with this system.

The build quality is outstanding. Very sturdy, yet light… A very innovative, simple, elegant design. The customer service was also excellent. I got a person on the line very quickly, and they are all very knowledgeable. I got my questions answered on my first call, plus some additional advice…

On my next call, I ordered the product. It arrived on schedule (I wasn’t in a hurry), it was well packed, all the pieces were there, no damage, and all the dimensions were spot on…
This product made my job easier and quicker. My deck is longer-lasting, completely water tight, absolutely structurally sound, and probably better looking…”

Steve H.

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