Durable Aluminum Decking Boards With A Hidden Fastener System

Fortis® Aluminum Decking

Meet Fortis: Low-Maintenance, High-Traffic Aluminum Decking

  • Aluminum Deck Board
  • Add It To An Existing Deck Frame
  • Not Watertight
  • Maximum Length: 24 Feet
  • Maximum Span: 24 Inches

Fortis is an aluminum deck board for outdoor living spaces that don’t require a dry area underneath. It works similarly to traditional wood planks but with the added benefits of being very low-maintenance and resistant to damage caused by pests and extreme weather conditions. Homeowners love Fortis because it is simple to install and incredibly durable.

Fortis has a hidden fastener system that creates a beautiful, non-watertight, low-maintenance deck surface. The non-skid deck surface stays cooler to the touch than traditional decking planks in hot weather, making it safer for families and pets.

Made of approximately 50% recycled aluminum, Fortis is also environmentally friendly. Fortis Aluminum Decking is 8 inches wide and comes in lengths up to 24 feet. To save you money and time, Wahoo Decks cuts Fortis decking boards in lengths to suit your project.

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Low Maintenance

Especially when compared to traditional deck boards, the marine-grade aluminum and powder coated finish of your Fortis Aluminum Decking never needs to be stained, painted, or sealed. Fortis requires no upkeep outside of periodic cleaning with soap and water.


Fortis is impervious to insects and is unaffected by humid or extremely hot environments- which means that rot and decay or warping due to extreme weather conditions won’t affect your deck surface.

Heat Regulating

Fortis stays cooler than traditional decking materials because aluminum rapidly dissipates heat, which keeps the surface of your deck cooler on hot days than commonly-used decking surfaces.


Fortis is 100% recyclable and is made from up to 50% recycled scrap metal. While most building materials will eventually end up in a landfill, Fortis can be separated and recycled.


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