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Wahoo Complete™ Options

Custom Designed & Fabricated

Wahoo Complete™ is available with multiple aluminum decking & deck railing options

Wahoo Complete™ total multifamily deck and deck rail balcony systems are custom designed and fabricated to fit each project. The balcony system is available with multiple deck surface options, with or without deck waterproofing.

Waterproof Option


For a multifamily balcony waterproof decking solution:
AridDek™ Aluminum Decking eliminates the need for additional under-deck systems or waterproof substructures. AridDek is an all-in-one walking surface that allows for a dry area under a deck.

Watertight Option


If you need a watertight multifamily balcony and decking system:
DryJoist™ or DryJoistEZ™ Structural Deck Drainage System provides the freedom to build a custom deck surface, using whatever decking you desire, and creates a completely waterproof decking system. The deck’s surface is supported by the same system that creates a dry space under deck in the area below.

A Closer Look...


Here’s a closer look at the DryJoist™ watertight decking option structure. This is one of your options for your Wahoo Complete™ multifamily total balcony system.

A Non-Watertight Decking Option


Fortis™ aluminum deck board deck surface option   –   with a hidden fastener system   –   creates a low-maintenance deck walking surface.

Finishing: Picket Railing

Wahoo Complete Balcony System Picket Railing

Finishing out a deck’s overall appearance, choose from Wahoo Rail™ Picket Railing or Wahoo Rail™ Glass Panel Railing.

Wahoo Rail Picket Railing is an aluminum deck rail system that is low-maintenance and easy to install.

Finishing: Glass Picket Railing


Wahoo Glass Rail™ Panel Railing is built to last with tempered glass panels that enhance the view from any deck or balcony. Glass Panel Railing is available in two beautiful tints: Pure or Twilight.

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